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This section contains information on air conditioner dealers in Singapore. Feel free to contact them for information on their services, products and current promotions. Readers are advised to clarify all sales items before confirmation of sales. These dealers information are listed for reference. Ahnaiz does not recommend and represent any of the listed dealers.


Tel: 6285 7157
Website: www.airecontrol.com
Email: info@airecontrol.com

Ericool Air Con & Engineering

Tel: 6352 0388
Website: www.ericoolaircon.com
Email: sales@ericool.com


Tel: 6459 9733
Website: www.ezycool.com.sg

Aircon Designs

Tel: 6482 8933
Website: www.aircondesigns.com.sg
Email: enquiry@adpl.com.sg

Natural Cool

Tel: 6454 1771
Website: www.naturalcool.com.sg
Email: sales@naturalcool.com.sg

Hong Tar Engineering

Tel: 6569 6011
Website: www.hongtar.com.sg
Email: sales@hongtar.com.sg

Best Tech Air Con Engineering

Tel: 6556 2924
Website: www.besttechaircon.com
Email: admin@besttechaircon.com

Gain City

Tel: 6333 1212
Website: www.gaincity.com.sg
Email: sales@gaincity.com

COOLSERVE Air-condition Engineering

Tel: 6288 6316
Website: www.coolserve.com.sg
Email: enquiry@coolserve.com

Yan Long Technology Services

Tel: 6252 8325
Website: www.yanlong.net.tc
Email: Steward_tay@hotmail.com

DIS Airconditioning & Electrical

Tel: 6468 7230
Website: www.dis-aircon.com.sg